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Hello there!

Larry and Jophia here, thank you for taking time to visit our site! Before we begin, here’s a tiny bit about ourselves.


We are the brains and hands behind HellofromFlour, a wedding styling studio based in Singapore, and Fork Parade is an offspring of HellofromFlour. 


We started off with a desire to bring the local wedding, gig and F&B industry a breath of fresh air by making curated tableware collections available for hire. Ermm.. also because we are suckers for nice tableware and we couldn't agree more that human emotions, culture and tableware are all interrelated.


Tableware owns the power to indicate what type of person you are, reflecting true image of your personality aurora. Yes no yes? And we have been toying around the idea of curating tableware collections for wedding couples. That set of tableware will then be used at their wedding(probably just VIP table) and to be brought home for after their wedding. How nice right? We actually got the inspiration from a recent shoot 'POP-UP LIVING' we did with a few other super talented creatives.


All in all, there is so much beauty in life to celebrate, from the things we see, to the fork we use lol, and we believe that beauty lies in the all sorts of details.

Photos by/ Lensofmira

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